Help with PC problems, Desk/Internet Research, Spreadsheets and tweaks, Marketing feedback...........and more!



Tony loves helping any company or individual and is often available to help with those jobs that can be time consuming, challenging, or "uncomfortable".


He is really enjoying doing this, in the last couple of years he has sorted out slow and/or "out of control" PC's (and giving guidance on taming them), done lots of spreadsheet tweaks and training, and undertaken some really business impactful desk research.


He probably can help, but if he can't help easily, he won't waste your time.

And will probably know and will suggest someone who can help you.


"25 years working in front of a computer, at least 8 hours a day. And many many more hours playing at a learn stuff"! A friendly geek!


This service is for you to use Tony's skills to help you get that job done. Be it urgent, a must be done or something long term. A bit of desk research, Excel work or MS Office training/mentoring?..

Or if you just want to grow your skills supported by a friendly mentor.


And there is no need to sit next to each other or travel to meet we can work at your PC remotely anywhere, and sharescreens by using Skype or TeamViewer and discuss/work on it!


There are seriously circumstances where something like a spreadsheet tweak/improvement or some desk/internet research can be very thorough and yet take very little time when the very experienced look at it!


And what about that presentation you have been working on. Does it need proof reading or practising? Send it over or lets arrange a Skype meeting.


And our charges are appropriate to the project/help that you need...just ask!


For more information please contact us.


Phone: 07900 525575 email: