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Helping with routine, Time consuming, Money sapping faff!


There are many tasks which businesses must perform to maintain up to date records of their procedures and practices. And these largely paper records are not quick and easy to analyse.


2 examples are Building Health and Safety records and any commercial Kitchen has to keep detailed Hygiene practice records, and there are many other routine "paper heavy" records which businesses are legally enforced to record, or it is best practice to record.


We have recently been helping Restaurants, Hotels and Building Maintenance Departments to make these a paperless and far less faffy activity. And this data can be very easily analysed to find potential business improvements and organisational efficiency.


We can develop bespoke MS Office or Google Docs software packages or Apple and Android Apps for you. Data storage can be at the local office or can be cloud based.


Give us a call, we would love to help you cut down on the faff and costs of procedural paperwork.


Phone: 07900 525575 email: info@thedata-analysts.co.uk




Where do we start, and how do we get the maximum benefits from our Data?


One of our most frequent requests are from companies coming to us with a load of data that they are unsure what to do with. Also smaller companies with snippets of data/information they know will be useful but need setting up and/or analysed for easy use by them.


The question we get asked is: "We got all this data, now what do we do"?


Get in touch we can help you really drive your sales, and/or reduce your costs from all of that amazingly valuable information!!


"Customer segmentation is the practice of dividing a customer base into groups of individuals that are similar in specific ways relevant to marketing, such as age, gender, interests and spending habits."


We have helped some global brands with this....you can target specific customer groups that buy your products/services and potentially grow their spend and their customer satisfaction.


Do it well and they will spread the word for you, bringing in more target groups.


Business Analysis Systems


Are you missing massive business-impactful information opportunities?


Most company's will have information which they are sure would be useful to them but :-


·        have not had the time to set up


·        are not sure how to set up the data to achieve full benefit from it


This information may be:-


Customer Contact Information

Customer Sales Records

Purchasing Records

Website Statistics

Social Media Information (Facebook friends info etc).

Inventory Sales Records

Product Manufacturing Records

Stock holding Information


        Sales and Marketing Analysis


An example is as a Retailer, a business will know what sells well but can they add more products to that customer total spend/basket? And what would also encourage repeat visits and purchases?


Which promotion mechanic works best in your business?


You may have held many sales and promotions…the special event, % off products, 3 for 2 or “buy one get one free”. And used many combinations of products but……


 - Which mechanic actually increased your margin? And by how much?


 - Was there a general sales uplift in the store? And by how much?


 - What was the motivation by the customer? Did visitor numbers and spend increase?


 - What time of year saw best sales or promotion results?


 - Are customers now expecting events rather than being “delighted” by them?


 - Are you really acting on the information you have on the transactions and motivations of your loyalty card customers?


Examples from previous project work: -


 - Detailed sales analysis of the transactions of a high street chemist saw an unexpected but logical relationship between the purchase of feminine care products and health & beauty indulgence products


 - Similarly looking at Haircare 3 for 2 mechanics the third purchase was predominantly an indulgence product rather than an essential product


 - Building a profile of your customer types can allow targeted promotions, product ranges and even portfolio adjustments, this is more possible if substantial data is already available e.g. a Loyalty Card


 - In stationery products customers were enticed and motivated by complex “matrix” pricing initiatives


  Market and Customer Research 


What do your customers really think?


Where did they go when they visited you, what was a "hit" and what was a "miss" ?


Were they "Delighted" and so are likely to return or recommend you ? Or "run away screaming"!


The Data Analysts offer Market Research Agency services and/or additional analysis of existing or future research.


The difference using us is that we are determined to get the most out of the wealth of information that a Market Research survey can provide.


Using our experience as Research Agency, Analysts and Information experts we can drill further into the information and pull out strong actionable trends and specific actionable findings...


Examples from previous project work: -


 - A survey by a shopping centre whose 3rd floor food court was not performing. Looking deeper into the research saw a shortfall in primary female 25 to 35 shoppers throughout the centre. There was only one public lift in the centre and the escalators were very narrow so pushchair access was very difficult. The shopping centre opened up their second lift, which was previously only a service lift and they have seen far more buggies in the food court.


 - Similarly a major regional shopping centre with over 250 stores now know the proportion of shoppers who visit each store but in addition, due to detailed analysis of the data they also know which other stores customers are likely to visit on a shopping trip. That is: they have a “map” of customer behaviour in the centre, for example the proportion of M&S customers who also visited Boots etc.


 - “Customer Journey” research undertaken at Leisure Parks led to a framework for the creation of a new leisure park. Basically taking the “hits” of the customer journey and learning from the “misses”.


 - At a service station, one weekend of Pedestrian Flow and Traffic Counts, market research and modelled with annual sales data led to site development strategies, business KPI’s and even the arrival of the first two McDonalds on the UK motorway networks.


Examples of our work in this area are: -


Global LPG Gas Company:


Created an Access database by extracting raw data from an existing unreliable database.  The new Access database quickly became the information centre for all areas as the information was accurate and easy to extrapolate.

From customer sales records to depot sales records, tanker productivity models, profitability per customer models, business KPI's……all came from the data held within this database.


This database turned out to be the "prototype" for which is now the companies Global LPG Gas Database.


Sheffield Art Gallery:


Creation of a purchasing, invoicing, stock recording, banking and sales system in MS Excel.

Effectively it is a Bar Code system without the vast investment.




Marketing Information Sourcing & Analysis


There is so much valuable information available…..of course we have the last Census database down to Postal Sector levels, the Postal Sector Mosaic/Acorn classifications (ABCDE etc), and loads more!


Just ask us what you want to find out! Recently created a model to forecast the Deaths of the individuals on a Will Writing companies customer database! And an adjustable Care Home Cost Forecast model, my 86yr old Dad can live in comfort until he is 103, with 14 hours of carers time per week!


There are statistics available and information available for all kinds of topics. And we can build into a costing Spreadsheet model.


And of course, if you want to target your product to specific areas or to a specific “Catchment” area...we have been doing it for years and it is so effective for most businesses.


We have access to the Census, Companies House data and Due Dilligence information.