"A Data Analyst is responsible for the tasks of collating, modeling, preparing, and cleaning data for the purpose of deriving actionable information from it."


The Data Analysts are a collective of independent analysts, with a wealth of experience, skills and expertise in a wide range of industries. 


The primary contact is Tony, who has been an analyst and researcher for 25 years.  Tony has worked for 15 years in consultancy roles, employed or self-employed, mostly in retail and leisure. He has previously been employed as a Business Analyst for Shell, a Boots Advantage Card Data Analyst and as Research Manager and analyst at Meadowhall Shopping Centre.


The Data Analysts drive is to make the business enhancing data held by companies big and small really work for that company.  And to make it as easy and as straightforward as possible for the decision makers to get hold of and utilise that incredibly valuable information.


We are great exponents of MS Office and particularly Excel, which everyone has, and everyone has a certain level of skill using.  It is astonishingly powerful software, and you will be shocked when you are shown the functionality within it.  No new software purchases and huge training costs.  It’s already in MS Office and just needs demonstrating.


MS Office also works directly with SQL Databases for analysing very large datasets, and for analysing many web based data captures.


The Data Analysts also have the awesome consumer data provided by the 2011 Census Data,  “primed and ready”.  This includes Socio-Demographic profiles, age profiles, occupations, housing type, size, and composition, even health levels by Postal Sector.  We also have the B2B Companies House Data, including business SIC codes.  And we know what to do with this information for effective consumer and business customer targeting.


An example of our workload would be extensive Sales Analysis, Competitor and Market Share analysis finding new and cross sales opportunities for retailers, leisure operators and manufacturers. All projects could potentially require Margin analysis, spatial analysis, location/demographic analysis, Customer Research, Customer, sales or operations databases leading ultimately to business enhancing “Business Data Development”.


There are always so many more learning's within the detail by working with your “raw data”, we can create that additional specialist analysis which data capture software simply can’t, finding you big cost savings or finding you great sales opportunities.


“The devil is in the Detail” finding those costs in your data, but mostly there will be Angels in there that will be strong Sales Opportunities for your company. Can a software programme explore that “interesting finding”…...by drilling further into the raw data?


Or easily linking in some external data for further detail ( For example:- Lifestyle Profile Data, Purpose built Product Category tables, Dates Tables for trend analysis), really maximising the findings?


The Skype “share screen” function also helps make this all a very easy process (no need for face to face meetings, presentations or training!), or travelling as it’s free internet calls (no webcam needed), working together AT YOUR COMPUTER anywhere in the world! We have had several clients from Glasgow to Bristol in the past 12 months who we have never actually physically met!


Based in Belper, Derbyshire. Very central in the UK!